Feline Escorts Welcomes New Recruits!

Feline Escorts is happy to welcome two new additions to our team and get them settled in. First up we have Alexandra, a fit and fun loving 24 year old who loves to meet new people. In the time that we’ve gotten to know her we can already appreciate her ready wit and candour and her real love of life, and think that she’s got the body to go with it really does mean that she’s the whole package.

In her own unique way, you cannot deny the same of Lydia, a 21 year old who has decided to take on some escorting work in her spare time. A stunning body belies a caring and affectionate soul, and we immediately recognised her ability to make you feel warm, loved and cared for.

Both of our additions are new to the escorting business and Feline Escorts is eager to make them feel right at home here.

We are excited work with both of these beautiful girls and we are sure that you will love them as much as we do. For more information on both of our new recruits, please visit our website’s Escort Gallery, where you can find their profile and up to date pictures.

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