How to Choose Your Feline Escort?

Many of our more regular clients may feel more confident about giving us a call and telling us what they want, but for those are a little unsure, Feline Escorts has put together a short guide of things to think about before making your decision. The last thing we want is for one our clients to have a bad experience with us, and we believe that keeping to these short and simple guidelines is a sure way to guarantee that you make the most of your time with us.

Physical attraction is always important in our business, so our first rule is to always choose the escort that seems most attractive to you. Everyone has their own idea about what makes a beautiful woman, so Feline Escorts ensures that we always have a wide range of choice for our clients to select from. No one can tell you how to feel, so the best thing to do at this stage is to make the choice that seems most appealing for you.

When reviewing escorts online it is important to know that what you are looking at is the real thing, so only book with an escort agency that uses genuine photos rather than one that looks faked or photoshopped. Meeting an escort that looks different to the picture you fell for can be a big disappointment, and in this respect looks really do matter.

Ultimately, however, no matter how attractive you find your escort it is always the personality of your date that will shine through, and we believe that it is vital that of our escorts in Nottingham act with care, consideration and compassion at all times. We select our escorts based on their open, engaging and outgoing character and personality, which means that they really are the full package.

Finally, Make sure to use the services of an agency where privacy and discretion are paramount. At Feline Escorts, we keep your details for a short time only for administrative and security purposes, after which we no longer keep your records on file. Your privacy is very important to us, and you can rely on our secure, professional services throughout your time with Feline Escorts.

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