Sex and Intimacy makes us happiest, Survey Reveals

A recent survey has shown what we at Feline Escorts has known for many years, that work makes us humans miserable whilst we are at our happiest and most content during moments of intimacy with one another.

Using data gathered on the smartphone app Mappiness researchers were able to plot the moods of thousands of people over the course of more than five years since the launch of the app in 2010. The app asks users what they are doing, where they are and how they feel and random points of the day and uses the data to plot their mood over an extended period of time.

It was discovered, rather unsurprisingly, that on average people showed an 8-9% drop in overall happiness when at work or doing work related tasks. By contrast, users recorded their most pleasurable experiences during moments of intense intimacy with other people, a trend that only became more apparent over time.

At Feline Escorts we have also understood how important it is to seek out balance between your busy working life and those moments that really matter. In addition to beauty and charm our escorts in Nottingham and the East Midlands offer companionship, sensitivity and intimacy for those who have had a long day and really need a boost.

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